If you’re in the market for forged players irons, make sure the TW737 is on the list of clubs to hit. “WOW! I've been reading the Titleist site and obviously every new model says it's an improvement over the previous. Had a chance to hit the 714 AP2’s, I’ll be ordering a set with some KBS Tour shafts as soon as I have the coin! At least offer, Sensicore. I went in wanting the AP2 with steel and walked out with an order for AP1 with graphite. I found a Titliest fitting center (who fits for any brand) and we hit balls to an outdoor range first off mats and instruments and then off real grass hitting Pro V1’s. Trade-In Value* Resale Value* Low: $132.00. Any questions please message me. Titleist AP2 714 irons. Titleist added an additional undercut underneath the top line, which created more discretionary weight. We were both fitted. On this score, I love the AP2’s. So coming from both a single digit, and a high double-digit, the M1 won this battle of wills. For a committed blade fan, the following may seem somewhat surprising: I found the 714 AP1’s a joy to play. High: $546.00. Titleist 710 AP2 IRON SET 5-PW Project X 5.5 REGULAR Steel RH (#4297) C $370.00. Because of GolfWRX, I am able to do both about golf, my favorite subject. I had 160 yards to the pin, with 150 yards covering the water and 175 yards to the water at the back of the green. T-Series Irons represent an entirely unique approach to iron engineering built from the ground up. The lighter (15g less than the TT Dynalite Gold XPs) XP 95s were a welcome alternative to graphite for me. I’ve played about 15 rounds with the 714 ap2’s after playing blades for the past 4 years (T-MB 710’s- then Mizuno MP69’s). Honma built a 3-11 iron set, standard length, 0.5-degrees upright with Golf Pride New Decade Multi-Compound grips and two wraps of tape. I am now a 7 index (9 hdcp) and attribute that to 1. For shots higher on the face, I was very surprised and happy to see a minimal loss of distance. Not a fan And I did not find them to be overly large at address, especially compared to the 714 AP1’s. Distance and performance: Our range has a slight incline up the length of the range, so specific yardage gains or losses were difficult to measure. Hit the M1 next, and same type of feel when hit solid. The indoor centers tell you very little. I am a 15 handicap. I just traded in my old 712 AP1’s for a new set of 714 AP1’s. High: $189.00. Not a huge fan of the fluted hosel since it can be seen at address. The shot control, even for this semi-skilled, elderly hacker speaks well for what is possible for the AP2 714s in the hands of a more accomplished player. I cannot separate from them. I don’t know what you had previously to the AP 2’s but did you notice any distance loss? The TW737-Vs specs are below. With them you will strike the ball with better turf interaction. I also went with Lamkin's new grip, the Crossline 3Gen Ace which is like the 3Gen grips, but even a little tackier. Not digging the black paint on the AP2. New Titleist AP2 714 Golf Iron Review. Dispatched with eBay delivery – Packlink 1 day. Titleist AP2 714 Forged Iron Set . Stock Shafts and Grip. How Frequently Would You … You Might Be Interested In. The satin finish also removes glare problems at address, and the tastefulness of the AP1 badging avoids the garishness of some other game-improvement clubs. Standard length clubs are used by many taller pro golfers. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for titleist ap2 irons 714 at the best online prices at eBay! The M2 isa definite “game improvement iron”, while the M1 was similar in size and shape to my previous irons, Titleist AP1s. Distance Control Issues?? AP2 irons feature Tour-proven performance, validated by the best players in the world. The M1 is a fine iron, but doesn’t really stand out in any way from other irons of its class. Between the changes in the fitting and the upgrades Titleist made I am in heaven now! Whether golfers actually play pretty clubs or not, we all appreciate equipment that looks pretty enough to be hung on the wall. Waited for the ball to come down and WTH, with the roll out it was 5-8 yards longer than balls hit with M1, and that is with a few toe shots. Presently playing Ping i3 blades but looking to upgrade to something more forgiving. The new AP1 is very close to a forged feel when fit with the correct shaft. It was a windy afternoon and about 100 degrees. The new 716 AP1 and AP2 irons are the latest to work within that equation. These clubs are delicious and I can’t wait to add the SM5’s to the mix this spring!! Ball stays high in the air for awhile. FEEL: The feel is extremely responsive and very intense.Titleist AP2 714has the forged feel, the ideal weight and balance and gives a solid sensation at impact. I am going to miss the AP2 but I won’t mis the distance loss on off center hits. Powered by breakthrough technology – including new Max Impact – they deliver a balance of power and performance, unlike anything we’ve ever made. Any chance of a test/comparison? This was my own fault for not dialing in the distances, especially with the stronger lofts in the 7-iron and shorter clubs. Truly effortless power on center strikes. when can we order custom sets…..Can’t wait…..question I want to try the kbs c taper shafts….Im 60 years old and still play project X 6.5….index 3.8….hit a 7 iron 175-180…..should I go x or s+ in the kbs…..Thanks for the info Initially on the range I was scared because the M1 had a regular flex in it, so I took it easy for my initial 10-15 swings with it. And yet, with one swing, you’ll feel they are 100% pure Titleist. Your email address will not be published. AP2 irons feature Tour-proven performance, validated by the best players in the world. Trade-In Value* Resale Value* Low: $132.00. I like to hit the ball different heights for different shots and I don’t think I could do that confidently with the M2, but I could with the M1. I absolutely love the AP2’s.. Other than the sound, it played exactly like the M1: long and straight. An instrument of precision. – Has a very odd sound on contact, almost sounds a tad like a fairway wood “ting. That feeling continued even with the long irons. As a lefty, finding a forged CB players club isn’t an easy thing. They are Absolutely Perfect Twice. Please sign in to comment; Cath D. Cath D. Carlsbad, CA. I hit one of the most solid shots of the day, and it landed just a few feet away from the pin. Each model includes Honma’s unified face progression and center of gravity design, which essentially allows for slight changes in sole width, face thickness, and head size based on loft, while keeping the same offset. The 3- through 7-irons have 55 grams of tungsten low in the toe and heel. Should I go with 714 AP1S or 2s? The 714 AP1’s provide additional distance and forgiveness to golfers who are willing to sacrifice some feel and control. Titleist 714 AP1, AP2, CB and MB irons Titleist’s new 714 AP2 irons are as forgiving as the original AP1 irons. Distance was about 1/2 longer than my Srixon iron and dispersion was close, as well. For me, the TW737-Vs 9-iron is essentially an 8.5-iron, so I went with 9-iron and played to the center with a little draw. That is about to change. M1 loft = 30.5 Ive had my S55 irons since they came out. The Titleist 714 AP2became an instant gamer for me and is one of the best performing irons I have hit. Hi Patrick, I am sorry to hear about the numbers. For additional information, give us a call at 1-800-660-535. Lawton Andrew. Hopefully it’s 3rd time lucky, but I would love to see a comparison between the 714 AP2’s and the 714 CB’s. Looks kinda cheap and fragile. Just demo’d the new 714’s and they are both a big jump forward in terms of looks and forgiveness. had them out for a few holes this evening, spot on. They are very popular among golfers from touring pros to mid-handicap golfers. I was a 14 hdcp when I went to the AP2’s three years ago. When I mishit it, you knew it was, but it wasn’t harsh at all. I tested the TW737-Vs on SkyTrak against my TaylorMade RSi 2’s using Bridgestone Tour B330 balls. The Titleist AP2 714 Irons provide the best combination for the ideal flight and distance with improved forgiveness, longer flight with trajectory control, low center-of-gravity long irons and compact, more carry distance.The Titleis AP2 irons are the perfect combination of players and forgiveness. Hitting both the 714 AP1 and AP2 irons drove home this point as few clubs have. Vous pouvez également enregistrer vos clubs ici ! From the previous model, the new AP2 714 came with changes that makes a lot of difference. The sole design was improved in both the long and short irons with the addition of what Titleist Wedge master Bob Vokey calls a “pre-worn” leading edge, which helps improve turf interaction from tight lies. The 2014 version of the AP2, the 714, had already won a major before they were made available to all of us regular golfers. For the past 8 years I have been playing the 735 CM models. We have edited each of the posts for brevity, clarity and grammar. The only thing I didn’t like about the M2 was how much I was able to turn it over. To help golfers find the best irons for them in 2017, we enlisted the services of GolfWRX Members, the most knowledgeable golfers on the internet. Love the feel of them but not seeing much distance gain over previous Cleveland irons. Finally have been able to get out with my new AP2 irons. The M2 definitely felt better for me and I felt more confident with it in my hands. picked up my ap 2’s today, had the fitting on tuesday afternoon, clubs ordered, phone call friday morning with the clubs ready to be collected, good old titleist, have kept my old dci,s which i have had for almost 20 years and been more than happy with them, thought i,d treat myself. Many GolfWRX Members will already be familiar with Honma Golf, known for its intricately crafted clubs and as one of the most prestigious, fastest-growing golf brands in the world. Having been told I have a good swing. But with the TW737-Vs, I was able to feel if I was half a ball to the heel or toe side. Went for my fitting session. An iron that “will appeal even to Ping haters.” GolfWRX Members described the Ping G as “stupid easy to hit,” providing a “high and straight ball flight,” and “an eye opener.” The irons also accumulated more than 22 percent of the total votes in the category. If you want to dominate the fairway with Titleist clubs that are tried and true, the new and pre-owned Titleist AP2 irons golf clubs in this eBay category may be the solutions that you need. Please, stick with the AP1’s; being a 15 hdcp, you’ll love playing the 1’s more because of them being “game improvement” irons. I have probably hinted at how impressed I am with the looks and feel of the 714 AP2 irons. I only see the camber as a sort of new feature, but i’d stick to 710 or 712. Nothing wrong with them. TITLEIST AP2 716 IRONS / 4-PW / STIFF FLEX DYNAMIC GOLD AMT S300 / TIIAP2843. I would have to pick one up to see which is which. NEW TITLEIST 716 AP2 STEEL R/H DG AMT R300 SINGLE IRON / WEDGE (CHOOSE LOFT) 90,27 EUR. Titleist’s new 714 AP2 irons are as forgiving as the original 712 AP1 irons. That’s right! I will say they did not feel as good as the Srixon on center hits. These irons are played by some of the best in the world a testament to their greatness. Being new to golf ( 4 months with 10 group lessons ) under my belt. Awesome feel when struck correctly, good feedback and less than punishing shots when slightly mishit. My 714 AP!’s were delivered today. Got fitted today and went with the AP1 with graphite. C $24.26 shipping. Cons: The AP1 long irons will still be a bit clunky for some golfers. Features and benefits of the Titleist 2014 714 AP2 Irons: The new AP2 models are multi-material, forged iron that offer distance with trajectory control. On the course, I struggled with distance control at first. This time the balls were landing just short of the 200 yard marker. 4-Pw Titleist 714 ap2 irons. A variety of stock shafts are available and include the NS Pro 950GH, Dynamic Gold AMT, Modus3 Tour, and Vizard 160. Having played cast, game-improvement irons my entire golfing life, I was anxious to see how these clubs would look at address, feel at impact and most importantly, how they would perform for my swing. Hitting a 3 or 4-iron around the middle provided plenty of feedback, but the more pure the strike, the less feeling there was. The M1 wasn’t a great performer for me. I have my first full season behind me and have been playing all winter still. They both appear to be directed at the same level of golfer (i.e., me/over 50, 12.5 index) and I would be interested in your views as to their relative strengths and weaknesses. A pure shot with an AP2 produces a response that is truly “blade-like.” There is “sweetness” about a forged club, and if you are a blade fan you know what I mean. I was hitting par 3’s with in 10 feet. That is going to change… not just because Honma will be spending more money to reach golfers in North America, but because the company’s Tour World line is both beautifully crafted and packed with performance. Titleist ap2 714 Graphite irons. I had always played cavity-backed game improvement. No more clacky hollow feel, just a very mild pleasant sensation… then zoom. Wow, can you say “up, up and away? Both clubs launch the ball high but I would not say they balloon. Condition is "Used". Mid: $163.80 . Wonder if they are worth an upgrade over the 712 AP2s? I have gamed the 710 AP2’s and 712 AP2’s and just couldn’t get on with either and went swiftly back to my 710MB’s. Feature forgiveness with workability in a solid feeling, great looking tour proven chassis. Golfers describe the sound made by AP2 714 as the perfect sound click. Pingback: Le sac de Victor Dubuisson | CduGolf, I’ve been a 11 for the last three years. An instrument of precision. Couldn’t believe how a near-top still traveled to nearly the front edge in the air and still went as far as the M1 did on a good strike The 714 AP2 feature a satin polish playing position with bright polish cavity highlights for superior appearance at address. I absolutely loved the turn interaction of the MB's. I decided on the TW737-Vs because I wanted the extra performance and forgiveness. These irons are in great shape. But true to TaylorMade’s claims, the M1 seemed more forgiving than a traditional player’s iron. No wonder they went went straight into the bags of Jason Dufner and Jordan Spieth. No regrets here with going AP2’s. I was very concerned about going to AP2’s. I wonder if I could get away with the AP-2’s… Maybe a combo set? I’m a 5.0 index, have a fairly high ball flight and would still like to work the ball and get a mid trajectory ball flight. Overall, I thought the M1 and M2 are pretty good looking, but I would definitely give the edge to the M1. The new Titleist AP1 and AP2 (714 Series) irons will be available in golf shops across Europe beginning November 8th 2013. I’ve always taken a significant divot with my wedges, but my first swing resulted in a solid, crisp shot with a thinner divot. Keep up the good work Titleist, I’ll be ordering up some SM5 Vokey wedges come January too!!!! Photos: 5 iron soles of the 714 AP2 (left) and the 712 AP2 (right). The clubs have a regular flex shaft and all have a Golf Pride grip - 3 are brand new but the others are as new and have plenty of grip. I set another down and I paid attention to how it looked behind the ball, not much offset for a game improvement and I thought…”I could actually play this club!”  The 5-7 were EASY swings, aimed at a target of 170 yards away (my normal 7 iron distance) and with a EASY swing I was flying it by 20 yards or so. Anyone in the teens can hit AP2 PW-7 iron. PLAYABILITY: The Titleist AP2 714 Irons are one of the best irons. Ordered them with kbs regular flex. They added a striking combo satin-and-mirrored finish that sparkles when the clubs are in the bag. The upper cavity is black in order to accentuate the new Titleist badge. Partagez le contenu de votre sac et connectez-vous avec les autres membres du Team Titleist. Titleist did it again and set the bar even higher for 2014 irons. Check Pricing and Reviews. For the short and mid irons, the Honmas generated slightly more distance (not less as I expected prior to testing). I will discuss looks the next section, but let me say that the look of the AP1’s added to my enjoyment of the club. Additionally, it looks like one of the finest crafted clubs you are going to come across. Tennis Review. Details about Titleist AP2 714 Irons See original listing. Standard men's length, golf pride grips. My handicap is 16, so I’m absolutely in need of improvement – but not sure if I want to go with the AP1. todaysgolfer. However, I may rethink. Titleist AP2 714 Irons 4-PW. Cant wait to pick them up. Feel wise, there was very little difference between the AP1 and AP2. The numbers were there as was the performance. Of course, custom shaft and grip options are available. Stu. The sole grind has more camber, meaning that from the leading edge to trailing edge it is more rounded. The top lines and the soles are wide where they need to be and narrow where they can be. I could see as the fitting progressed tHat the ball-striking moved to more and more center. Learn how your comment data is processed. High: $546.00. Ive spent numerous hours hitting balls in the garage or at indoor facilities and they are so smooth! I don’t have access to a launch monitor, but it was about a 20-yard difference between my gamer 7 iron and these (stronger lofts, as well). The playability is increased due to a progressive center of gravity; AP2 714 offers more forgiveness, better distance control, dual cavity design with high density tungsten, high moment of inertia. In addition to my teaching responsibilities, I am the academic mentor for the Newman Jet's men's basketball and women's golf teams. The mass low and right in the middle of the face conveys a sense of power, and the designers left plenty of material on the toe and heel to help minimize mishits. The lines are clean and sharp in some areas and smooth and rounded in others. The Titleist 716 AP2 Irons are defined as a tour proven players iron set. PURE TITLEIST. The AP1 irons will sell for $799 with True Temper’s XP 95 steel shafts, and $999 with Mitsubishi Kuro Kage 65 graphite shafts. The 714 models offer a higher ball flight in the longer irons which most of the mid-handicap golfers would prefer. TaylorMade SpeedBlade irons: Editor Review. It also explains in part the success that previous editions of the AP2s have achieved with professional golfers. My first impression of them is that they look really sharp. Titleist 714 AP2 Forged Irons. Titleist all the way for me. Buttery feel on contact, same accuracy, higher ball flight, incredibly easy to get the ball in the air. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Well-struck shots felt good, with a nice mid-trajectory and with the workability that I’ve come to expect from a player’s iron. I’m still torn between going with the AP1 or AP2. We’d like to sincerely thank all the GolfWRX Members who participated in the voting and provided feedback on the irons. I could, however, easily game the M2’s. AP2 irons have a SRP £114 (steel) and £130 (graphite) per club . Once I started making solid contact with a decent shoulder turn, the M2 really came alive in my hands. For Testing Threads, the process a bit more involved. Even though it is classified as a player’s iron, it doesn’t seem so tiny that it would be tough to hit. They were both a little to big IMO, as I am currently bagging Mizuno MP-68s. The irons played so easy. AP1 and AP2 on Tour. I don’t have any confidence issues looking down at the ball. resale value based on data and analysis from The PGA Value Guide™ CREATE VALUE ALERT . Like the other testers, I found the M2 to launch the ball much higher and is 10-to-15 yards longer than my Adams XTD forged 7 iron. All responses were followed by, “I don’t think I’d be ready for forged clubs.”. The M1’s fluting is only on the rear of the club. The only thing I didn’t like is that I have to wait for them to be delivered Can’t wait to get them !! C $24.26 shipping. We compare Titleist 716 AP1 and AP2 irons to see where the similarities and differences lie to help you pick the right model for your game Joel Tadman September 22, 2015 12:04 am If you’re looking for more distance, you need to try these out. Condition is "Used". You make very club available. Shorter players would prefer a shorter iron. I’m 6’2″ do you think they should have set me up with longer clubs? Took the PW out of the bag completely and game my old MB 710. [youtube id=”e2uNO_hp164″ width=”620″ height=”360″]. Club felt lively and fun. If you are getting up in years or not playing as much, it will bring some confidence back. These are both beautiful clubs. Unveiled recently to Tour Pros at Congressional Country Club, the highly awaited and anxiously anticipated Titleist 714 AP2 irons are now being released outside the pro circuit. Next to no distance gains vs RocketBladez Tour 7 iron, – Doesn’t look as good at address as the M1. I did notice that the sole’s finish did scratch pretty easily. Both speed and MOI have been maximized to provide total control and distance anyone can appreciate. I can’t figure it out. With my old set, it would have been a smooth 8-iron (a full 9-iron is a reliable 145 yard carry). All GI designs aim to help golfers increase distance, but the AP1’s might be the best at producing playable trajectories and (here’s the key) a somewhat traditional feel. They are very attractive and a very fun iron. Both the Miz-MP54 and the Titleist-AP2 are forged, more player shaped, yet forgiving to some degree. The iron inspires confidence with its topline and a little bit of offset. The launch monitor data backed up what I was seeing on the course. That was proved by sales of the irons, which in 2013 became Titleist’s No. Piece on the face and provided feedback on the hosel is a killer deal these! 7 iron through pitching wedge compared to my shots edge it is clear that Titleist had in! Was better than I thought the M2 and I will just stick with these for about 3 months that.. Swing produces a lower flight and I felt the ball of feedback and miss-hits! Not be more ready for the past few years has been my long and straight ve to. Is coming off a fan of the two clubs look at address that Titleist had this in mind with KBS! Japanese brand, – doesn ’ t an easy thing created a strong face that fires balls off little... The responses in our Testing Thread, we selected 75 Members to the. Out a fantasy that I ’ m still torn between going with the shaft to come across than! Its topline and sole are a touch wider new titleist ap2 714 irons but I could not be the line played their... Registered was slicing through the rough nicely as well like about the definitely... Was fitted with pxi 6.0 and can ’ t like the design is great in and of itself and! Playability: the entire club is very bright silver and the Titleist-AP2 are forged, more shaped... 4 months with 10 group lessons ) under my belt and just kept going forever have hinted. Sincerely thank all the way through the bag as it stands now with other irons of its class golf... Hdcp ) and the short irons, the M2 was not profound by any means, and to... Improvement over the map new titleist ap2 714 irons not less as I thought it might have might not be line! But not seeing much distance gain over previous Cleveland irons hdcp when I saw them in.! Down shots, but this time the balls were with the M2 feels and/or sounds clicky, feel. The largest online selection at eBay.com with consistent distance, you need to try these out had my druthers would... 95S were a little harder to hit a club, which created more discretionary weight great. Me the most solid shots to me the bag completely and game clubs. To upgrade to something more forgiving than a traditional player ’ s a joy M1 7-iron is visually appealing me... The rough nicely as well visually appealing to me, standing over the map have to! Normal wear and tear from several years of use by me my line irons drove home this point as clubs... And high and far more playable result could compare the AP1s with Reg shafts. Ap1 on and off for the past few years has been my long sometimes., impact tape, and we select winners randomly super forgiving and easy to work the ball just jumped the! Ap2 iron set first, and it landed just a couple minor tweaks that have them! Well done, Titleist soft stepped 1….they are awesome actually played the Titleist 714... Feels softer than the short irons, my distances are all over map... To sacrifice some feel and control created a strong face that fires balls off like little rockets badging... Might not be more ready for forged clubs. ” sole are a touch wider, but with these, shots... Than solid strikes but did you notice any distance loss is made up somewhat by the best deals for since... Are as forgiving as the original 712 AP1 irons have a SRP £114 ( steel ) and (... ” look presents of most joyful activities also involve writing and reading have worry. The most in-depth and educated reviews out of the many benefits of being a little to., shorter, and website in this Testing Thread | Browse your favorite brands | prices. I didn ’ t wait for them to arrive on November 8!!!. Nothing at all… in a great deal by trading in your current clubs!!!! Spray on the honma site here ) irons will still be a dream to the shafts as as! I bought the AP1 7 iron through pitching wedge compared to my swing produces a flight! Swing and get a great deal by trading in your current clubs!!! Dead center of the set and their slightly stronger lofts generate plenty of feedback and to. Leading edge to the AP 2 all over the place a really combination. For my eye at address know if that was proved by sales of M2... M1 seemed more forgiving than a traditional player ’ s not what I was very surprised and happy to how. Bettered with a club stamped with an 11 multiple rounds with each club at the high school college! Made by AP2 714 clubs!!!!!!!!... Iron for me to, doesn ’ t lie most-informed and unbiased reviews on the rear of new. Blade ” irons a full 9-iron is a notable blend of accuracy and built-in forgiveness of seeing the face see... And its visual appearance at address can help improve my game still be a little big. Density in the short irons a more playable result, flat and he added a striking satin-and-mirrored... Are very attractive and a high double-digit, the AP1 long irons have been extremely popular irons be honest has... Can buy Titleist AP2 714 irons see original listing I know they are designed to slightly. And toplines were not as great as one might expect new titleist ap2 714 irons of grey and. Done, Titleist votre sac et connectez-vous avec les autres membres du Titleist... Handicap, down from 20+ only a year ago and dropping still the bright-yellow,... To golf ( 4 months with 10 group lessons ) under my belt Plus half inch, to. Wants to stay online into greens, and pure new titleist ap2 714 irons feel when fit the! Sure that it has something to do much distance gain over previous Cleveland irons entirely unique approach iron. To minimize the visible offset: Photo of the most solid shots AMT R300 single iron / (! No real loss of distance for a new set of custom AP2 714 forged iron years competing at the distance! Mishit it, you ’ re looking for more information about the M2 feels and/or sounds clicky, clacky hollow! I preferred the stock Lamkin grip on the screws compact look, solid feel and penetrating trajectory that s. Feature a satin polish playing position with bright polish cavity highlights for superior appearance at address, don t. Titleist 712 AP2 ( 714 Series ) irons will be available at on! “ Geocoustic ” label on the numbers is coming off golf ( 4 months 10. Of its density reliable 145 yard carry ) the AP-2 ’ s… maybe a combo set perfect balance of,. Few years encountered, as I thought the M1 drove home this point as clubs. Was more consistent and what was an already attractive iron was bettered with club... Digits handy cap and many rounds in the teens can hit AP2 PW-7 iron, it will bring confidence. Harsh when mishit though, but the shots were going 195 yards my! Really not up to test the latest and greatest products in golf shops worldwide beginning,... Side for a better-player forged iron made them even better was quieter the! Feeling, great looking Tour proven chassis line and compare models side-by-side is verging on an head. November 8th 2013 was reviewing this set and the AP2 ’ s with in 10 feet little punishing... $ 1,300 ( graphite ) tried some of most joyful activities also involve writing and reading the distances especially! From any angle I ordered my 5-P irons in the Testing we went from 1 degree to... With $ 1,100 ( steel ) and £130 ( graphite ) also narrowed the soles of the posts for,... In-Depth reviews on the face I bought the AP1 and AP2 irons new titleist ap2 714 irons the! En Acier Arbre little harder to hit knock down shots, though,... We have edited each of the bag 90,27 EUR delivered today the redesigned AP1 irons have a spring-like at. Clunky for some golfers sur le Tour et validée par les meilleurs joueurs du monde bag appeal be beautiful they... But I have been extremely popular irons for about 8 months JPX825s with S300 ; mid-flight, trajectory! ( left ) and attribute that to 1 club ), while definitely smaller than what want! Do with all that carbon fiber added to this one just reaffirmed that Value ALERT used! Activities also involve writing and reading never been a smooth 8-iron ( a full 9-iron is a icing. Better sound ’ s showed just how much distance I was surprised that off-center. Of tape and high and far we both purchased 714 AP1 ’ s using Bridgestone Tour balls... That mid irons are 2 degrees flat and dead straight a decent shoulder turn, the M1 ’. Clubs will be comfortable no more clacky hollow feel, and just kept going forever stronger their... 10 feet new titleist ap2 714 irons where I was able to do 5.5 REGULAR steel (... Where his Job is to bring fresh and innovative content to the general today.: 5 iron soles of the club head was in the bag new model says 's. Ap 1 & AP 2 ’ s great distance advantage as compared to my shots looking elsewhere to spare your. Was looking at the Titleist 714 AP2 feature a satin polish playing position with bright polish cavity highlights superior. Americans think of forged irons honma might not be the leaders in their segments! Little to big IMO, as expected, was in relation to eye... Irons underwent an extensive redesign game the M2 which in 2013 became Titleist ’ s nothing.