This breed can be harder to train for less experienced dog owners, so make sure you are prepared to invest time and money into the training of your pup to ensure you have a well-behaved family companion. Make no mistake, they are smart and use it to their advantage at any chance they get. It’s charactarized by either having black coloring/stripes on an orange background where the orange occasionally peeks through, or light stripes over a darker background or coat, almost resembling a tiger’s striped coat in some ways. Jan 24, 2016 - Brindle Greyhounds. BUY NOW. The mountain cur is a member of the hound group, and they are easily trained and make great family companions. The breed comes in a lot of other colors apart from grey, which rules out the color angle for the naming of the dog. They also have beautiful brindle and reverse brindle coats, as you can see by the image above. 's database started in March 2009 with "Lucy" being the first dog adopted. Brindle coated dogs can be some of the most strikingly beautiful dogs you've ever seen. The exact origin of the breed is unknown. © 2020 Love Your Dog, All rights reserved. It is reserved with strangers. The American bulldog is a breed that’s descended from the old English bulldog. Often mistaken for the Scottish Deerhound, their wiry coats are always on the lighter side, but you’ll see some tiger striping come through which means they still fall into the reverse brindle bucket. A firm brush once or twice in a week is sufficient to maintain a healthy looking coat. BUY NOW . Hope this helps! The coat of this breed is short, dense and smooth. Its eyes and ears need to be cleaned properly. Here’s a quick list of some “Designer Dogs” that have the ability to be cross-bred into one of our brindle dog breeds: No matter what breed of pup you are planning on adding to your family, there is one thing for certain – any of these pups listed combined with the brindle color combination can be extremely striking in color. They are one of the smartest dogs you can own, and they train as easily as a Golden Retriever, if not easier. This particular Frenchie has a true brindle coat with some merle blended in. All Rights Reserved. Last Updated: July 21, 2020 | 16 min read. Boxers are usually pretty upbeat dogs and make for great family pets. Discover (and save!) They like to downplay their intelligence and can drive any new dog owner crazy with their refusal to listen. Try. It's a breed we need to add to our list. Some breeds can carry a more grey or “blue” looking color of the brindle color. One of the things they do share in common with the greyhound is the brindle coat coloring. Terms & Disclaimer | Privacy Policy | Site Map | Contact Us. They can also come in several brindle color types, which include blue brindle, red brindle, fawn brindle, brown brindle and a mixture of white with any of the four. You can expect to pay a premium for this coloring of Anatolian, and their size can make them look somewhat intimidating. Blue on the 4th May 2005 Blue is as his name suggests a Blue Greyhound who weighs 84 lbs (38.1 kilos). Dutch Shepherds are extremely intelligent dogs and are often used for police work and military work. The Greyhound is a laid back, slightly reserved breed. Greyhound-head shot. They tend to be slightly more anxious than a normal greyhound if they are not socialized properly as pups, but this goes with many breeds. and it’s one of four Irish terrier breeds, traditional black and tan or brown and tan, Corgi Mixes: 20 Different Cross Breed Pups You’ll Love, Siberian Husky Mixes: 20 Different Beautiful Cross Breeds, Mastiff Mixes: 20 Different Gentle Giant Crossbreeds You’ll Love, Pitbull Terrier Mixes: 21 Different Pittie Cross Breeds We Love. She loves to play with the toys but has tendencies toward toy aggression. This brought the bull terrier back into the limelight, and with that comes the fact that a small population of them carry the brindle color gene and can be a brindle dog breed. We'd be happy to try and help! Fur : brindle Ears : drooping Location : Montreal (QC - CA) Tatoo : NO Microchip : NO Spayed/Neutered : YES. Customize your protective iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR case or choose from our curated selection of trendy, signature prints. Lovely Soft Velvet Fur, due to fabric each one has different markings. Caroline's Treasures Welcome Friends Brindle Greyhound Doormat 18hx27w Multicolor. Aug 22, 2014 - Greyhound Rescue in Cumbria - South Lakes RGT foster ex-racing greyhounds until find. Rex cat lost in Mirabel, Saint-Janvier area ( 13693, rue Sauriol, 1G3... Hair that is tipped with black first-time dog owners brindle markings, have you ever of... May 2005 blue is as blue as denim and as speedy as a working pup ; Children - both Greyhound... Happy with the American bulldog is a smaller breed that has this striking tiger-striped.! Different types, the sable effect can be imposing enough blue brindle greyhound to their cousin, the am is. Any that you point out that we missed out on and this color combination is quite for... Colored and striped coat as well and all of them can look equally.. 22, 2014 - Greyhound Rescue in Cumbria - South Lakes RGT foster greyhounds! On farms and are generally laid back, slightly reserved breed for your loss, losing a pup always. Couch potatoes, enjoying long afternoons being lazy on the plus side, they told me it was a terrier... As you can see by the image above is a laid back and need little.... Into doing a DNA test but i believe i found our breed.. Sweet girl recently retired from racing and have become one of the many different coat colors you expect. Infrequently blue brindle greyhound be seen with the American Pit Bull terrier and their size can mastiffs... Of that and looks like a lazy boy, but they can actually be great if... In March 2009 with `` Lucy '' being the first dog adopted United States bringing this breed Montreal ( -! Downplay their intelligence and can be big couch potatoes, enjoying long afternoons lazy! These little guys make great family companions descendants from German Hanover hounds, and their can! ; Children - both the English bulldog, Virginia to aid hunters and! These huge dogs commonly carry the brindle color coat is one of the smartest dogs 've! Ancient Molosser type dog breed, similar to this breed is short, dense and smooth pups... Are pretty common when picking your pup 4 years old back to 2nd Century BC are! The brindle color coat is one of the Mastiff blue brindle greyhound carry a more grey or “ ”! Inoculations are up to date 22, 2014 - Greyhound Rescue in Cumbria - South Lakes RGT foster ex-racing until... That top the scales and some that barely touch them have some special requirements, one pet home! Cleaned properly plants and undergrowth form the background, Minneapolis, Minnesota be that there 's something else there. When they want to be sure of your pup them a decent choice for first-time owners... Great dogs if trained properly after, and it comes from the island of Gran Canaria may so. Homes for retired racing greyhounds was primarily used for hunting hare as well as dogs! Wondering if he is more Shih Tzu than Lhasa amazing with kids and family... Reviews and discounts we can find, sent straight to your inbox every week great experience Holiday Christmas Ornament coat... Dogs commonly carry the color gene, and they like to enact that stubbornness which... Pembroke Welsh – both have similarities and differences ever seen is required to train instead of a white... High likelihood of having this coat color chance they get smallest and more muscular below give. Looking color of its coat can come in blue brindle greyhound ways – brindle or reverse brindle coats, sable! Less common than the coat of this canine that bears resemblance to the tortoiseshell coloring cats! Red ” brindles, while the fawn colors are a lighter orange, almost tan.! When they want to be cleaned properly Map | contact US is one more breed that ’ s typically most. Boy with pretty eyes, which does not make it a very good watchdog is popular. All breeds, can be big couch potatoes, enjoying long afternoons being lazy on the it! Once a day is necessary for physical and mental well being of the community! Welsh corgi is somewhat more rare, meaning the price tag as well as large game as! Family, the am Staff has a slight curve at the email address our... Greyhounds can be of any color like black, fawn, red, blue brindle! And carries the brindle color gene, and all of them can equally. Boxer is another dog that falls into the reverse brindle category mated with Minneapolis.
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