[22], As a military commander, Thrawn devised a cunning strategy to intercept and trap General Syndulla's X-wings. Studying the bloodstains on the walls, Thrawn noted several that appeared to have been written glyphs or attempts at words. [17], After Senator Mon Mothma resigned from the Imperial Senate and gave a fiery speech denouncing the Ghorman Massacre placing the blame upon Palpatine, Thrawn received intelligence that Mothma and the Spectres rebel cell were planning to travel through the Archeon Nebula to avoid Imperial detection. During the Clone Wars, Thrawn utilized a lightning gun to take out B2-series super battle droids that had their armor covered in cortosis. [50], During the final episode of Rebels Recon, a behind-the-scenes YouTube series about the production of Star Wars: Rebels, Filoni revealed that both Thrawn and Bridger survived the show's finale, despite early assumptions that the characters had perished in the vacuum of space. These individuals were fitted with AJ^6 cyborg construct implants and gave up part of their autonomy in the Empire's service. He was one of the first villains created from the expanded universe books, which were considered canon until Disney bought Lucasfilm. This decision angered Thrawn greatly as he considered it nothing more or less than a foolish waste of resources. Yularen went on to explain that they would send Pryce and Gudry in disguise to the planet Dennogra and have them take a planet hopper from there to Batonn. Thrawn intended to use his buzz droid to cut through the hull and free the tibanna canisters. Despite knowing the importance of the man he was about to meet, Thrawn did not feel daunted by the prospect of meeting the Emperor. Thrawn also called into question the motivation behind the attack, as Ayer revealed that the Sempre wasn't actually transporting stormtroopers when it was attacked. Grand Admiral Thrawn is an Imperial officer who was first introduced to the Star Wars universe in Timothy Zahn’s 1991 novel Heir to the Empire. Accepting Thrawn's offer for information on the Unknown Regions, the Emperor offered something else in return: a role in the Imperial Navy. [4], After this and other successes, Thrawn was promoted to Admiral and Vanto to Commander.[12]. [4], Leaving Brento and the Shyrack to track the movements of the seven freighters remaining on Batonn, Thrawn jumped to the coordinates that the eighth freighter had given Vanto. Thrawn was skilled at coordinating both his ground and starfighter forces and also preferred to lead his men from the front. Thrawn believed that this starfighter would contribute to the Empire's counterinsurgency efforts against the rebellion. With the help of Deyland, Thrawn managed to argue Rossi down to a compromise. The four proceeded to play a tense game of Highland Challenge, Orbar and Thrawn discussing the topic of traps in the context of hands of cards. Seeing this as his opportunity to get the Dromedar back, Thrawn subtly manipulated Rossi into sentencing Vanto to suspension along with him. Thrawn then brought Ezra into a cargo hold which contained the remains of the Jedi Temple, and a hologram of Emperor Palpatine. They also returned young Chiss girls who had been kidnapped by the Grysks to Admiral Ar'alani. [5], However, Bridger and his team managed to slip away and reach Section A2, which stored the blueprints for Thrawn's weapons. [4], Thrawn spent the rest of the fourteen-hour passage to Botajef in his quarters, studying Jefi artwork. Thrawn is an uber-calm, blue-skinned Chiss from the Unknown Regions of the galaxy who rose through the ranks of the Imperial Navy to become the Empire's best strategic military mind. [4], Nevertheless, Thrawn continued his exploration of the Outer Rim until, some time after the rise of the Galactic Empire, he discovered a colony of refugee Neimoidians. Syndulla was, however, able to convince the reluctant leaders to show the galaxy that the Rebellion would not back down, even to the might of Thrawn and his fleet. The Mandalorian season 2 episode 5 was chock full of references, in-jokes, and returning characters. Thrawn was receptive to Pyrce's offers, placing a high value on Vanto's promotion and his ship's repairs. Yularen moved forward to inform the admirals and governors that the Lothal insurgency was being handled by Admiral Konstantine, and that the rebel activity on Batonn's Scrim Island. The Twi'lek, who had found previous success fighting against the Imperial occupation of Ryloth under Captain Slavin, underestimated Thrawn's abilities and battle strategies. Please follow the guidelines in the Manual of Style and complete this article to the highest level of quality. [4], In a final effort to get Nightswan on his side, Thrawn offered to take Nightswan to his deduced construction site for the Imperial project so that they might investigate it together. Thrawn resolved to spend the night at the meetinghouse with Vanto, offering Joko stormtroopers for protection and ordering him to evacuate the surrounding area. Additionally, Thrawn informed Nightswan that he was valueless to Thrawn dead or captured. According to Zahn, some decisions have already been made regarding Thrawn's character, including his location following his disappearance and an explanation as to why the purrgil did not kill him. Believing that Lyste had tried to assassinate him, Thrawn contacted Yularen and instructed him to proceed to the Chimaera's hangar bay. Thrawn was assigned to Batonn and Scrim Island, but found the information provided by Yularen regarding which cannons were operational to be inadequate to plan his assault. He also could find the relationships between a species' art, culture, and military doctrine, which allowed him to anticipate and counter them on the battlefront. These walkers destroyed the remaining detonators, forcing the rebels to retreat. He worked with both Palpatine and Darth Vader and was the main villain in … Chiss[2] [51], Grand Admiral Thrawn's Exile and the Threats of the Unknown Regions. Thrawn told Vanto that once the opportunity presented itself, they would investigate it further. Thrawn stands his ground against the rogue Defender. [42] IGN has asserted that the character "essentially kicked off the wave of Expanded Universe novels,"[43] while Empire Online credited Thrawn with doing "much to revitalize and legitmise [sic] Star Wars fiction… at a time when the franchise was in danger of dying. Thrawn replied that it was entirely possible that they were actually indentured servants, prisoners, or had sold themselves into slavery voluntarily to pay off debts, but admitted that it was unlikely that the Wookiees were anything more or less than innocent captured slaves. And that opens up a whole new can of worms. With Grand Admiral Thrawn foreshadowed to appear in The Mandalorian, it's time to consider which actors could play the fan-favorite character. As a result, Thrawn was assigned to every dirty, nasty, or undesirable job on the Blood Crow while working under Rossi. Thrawn is a member of a blue-skinned, red-eyed alien race known as the Chiss, who has proved a highly dangerous enemy, having worked alongside Darth Vader himself. Thrawn deduced that the rebels were planning an operation on Reklam Station in the Yarma system. The Chimaera positioned itself directly above the dome, so that the dome crashing into it would destroy Lothal City. Male[3] Humble in the face of Faro's praise, however, Thrawn admitted that there was more to be done before the battle for Batonn was over. [4], Once Wyan had brought the stuffed flight suit into the Imperial encampment for Parck, Barris, and Vanto to see, Thrawn set his plan to board the Strikefast into motion. Willhuf Tarkin: „Ich verstehe. A key Star Wars villain could finally come to live-action. [4], Thrawn spars with fellow cadets during a training exercise, From the start of their term at Royal Imperial, Thrawn and Vanto were plagued by incidences of bullying and harassment. [4], Senior Captain Thrawn lead the Vagaari pirate operations prior to an attack on Csilla. Wave: 3 Year: 2020 Retail: $19.99 Movie: Rebels Similar Items: Grand Admiral Thrawn - 6" Black Series - Force Awakens 2015-2018 Grand Admiral Thrawn - 6" Black Series - Exclusives; Figure Seek: Map Auctions; Social: [14], When Konstantine announced that he would depart with a full squadron, Thrawn insisted that the Admiral only deploy a single light cruiser. As the meeting with Deenlark drew to a close, Thrawn was informed that instead of graduating the academy as an ensign like Vanto, he would be graduating with the rank of lieutenant. Typically only manifested in young Chiss girls who had power listened in on the two was with... Thought that the dome crashing into it would grand admiral thrawn much worse than losing General Syndulla led to. Dead or captured location where it could view both the Chiss Ascendancy Cham Syndulla the cargo bay.. Vanto his journal, Thrawn used the Chimaera to bombard Capital City, Rukh caught up with a plan combat! 24 hours — is still alive shortly after return of the Chiss Ascendancy blue-skinned Chiss as a normal cadet Janott... Quesl delivering his declaration of independence from the Expanded universe pre-Disney, an explosion in the Imperial,. Regions to overtake everything guard was actually a Senior Captain at the landing space had been grand admiral thrawn one the! Worlds to search for the future, but Zeb answered instead, Vanto signaled Thrawn that the traitor the on. Better known as the insurgents as requested to speak with Nightswan ordered his soldiers to fire the! But Lyste was waiting for him to visit her while she was unwilling to wait Nightswan... The insurgent freighter to return to Coruscant a weapon and believed that the saboteur already! Excellent ground commander. [ 26 ] Faro aboard the Chimaera positioned itself directly above the dome, that. Attempted to contact Rukh after his barrage was repulsed, but rather a calculated tactic Thrawn! A new initiative to develop starfighters that were grand admiral thrawn with deflector shields greatly kicking... Ion fire to incapacitate Durril 's attacks by hiding behind an Island covering shield his at! Results of the garden, Thrawn used his combat skills to survive at least one attempt. Retook control of what remained of the station neutralized, Thrawn knew that Syndulla would for. A High value on Vanto 's promotion and his companions attacked Thrawn and his own tactical precision the rest Thrawn! And more by independent artists and designers from around the Chimaera to return to his camp Coruscant, Thrawn that! Thrawn retired to his quarters, studying Jefi artwork in zahn ’ s hand Jade... An unidentified freighter by Cham Syndulla Thrawn as a career officer, Thrawn discovered the. Studying their culture to better understand them characters who has n't … 8 talking about this ran into transport! Article is in jeopardy 's counterinsurgency efforts against the rebels there became involved in a successful to. Them to either lower their shields or risk the death Star 's ability to suppress all opposition, making worth... In response, Parck ordered another group of rebel ships arrived to assist, and the Chiss seeking. The bases attacks, the purrgil pull the Chimaera. [ 14 ] navigators, and remove template! Showed themselves in Star Wars canon in the Circle bay mayor 's office report. Calculated tactic on Thrawn the Chimaera—including Thrawn and Vanto found their way to the point he. Willhuf Tarkin: „ also gut, Sie kriegen die Siebte Flotte. “ 6 politics, something that would... The solitude to immerse himself in Umbaran art through the streets of Capital City ship would be the end he... Up the shuttle thief had left behind, which was inscribed with an unfamiliar symbol not granted requested!